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Can Fireworks Hurt My Baby's Ears? Safety is Key

I'm deaf and my daughter is hard of hearing. This means that what little hearing we have, we want to protect at all costs. With the 4th of July just around the corner, you may be concerned about hearing safety as well. If you're wondering, "can fireworks hurt my baby's ears?" you're not alone. Read more

Watch: Ring those church bells...while you can still hear them

Three men went out of their way to disprove Ħal Safi's reputation as a sleepy village last Sunday, doing untold damage to their hearing in the process.

In a 20-minute video sent to Times of Malta, the men can be seen incessantly ringing bells at the village's parish church, with no hearing protection in sight.

"I shot this video from around 200 metres away from the church," the Safi resident said. "It was loud enough from where I was standing, but can you imagine what it was like for those two men? Their heads were practically in the bells," he said.

The ringing began at 12pm and ended 40 minutes later, he said, with a repeat performance that same day at 6pm. Given that Safi's village feast is held at the end of August, it is not clear just why the Church bells rang for so long on a Sunday afternoon. Read more

Ear protection now will pay huge dividends down the line

The human body is an interesting machine. It can take a crazy amount of abuse and continue to function. But over time those abuses begin to take their toll and, bit by bit, tiny chinks appear in our body's armor. Read more

Healthy Hearing readers reveal unexpected hearing hazards

Many of us know noisy environments are detrimental to our hearing health. Hearing protection is standard issue on noisy job sites. Gun hobbyists wear hearing protection at the gun range, race car enthusiasts wear noise-canceling headphones and musicians wear custom earmolds. But what about unexpected sources of noise - things that may not immediately come to mind as hearing dangers? Read more

Hearing Loss & Noise Exposure

"Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable!" Read more

NIOSH creates app for measuring workplace noise exposure

"NIOSH has developed a sound level meter mobile app designed to measure noise exposure in the workplace...." Read more