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Sound Off! The Navy, haring protection and mobile devices

"Noise is an unavoidable fact of life on U.S. Navy vessels and during naval operations. Jets roar as they take off and land." Read more 

NIOSH Launches Hearing Loss Prevention App

"The CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has announced the availability of a new mobile application (app) for iOS devices that will measure sound levels in the workplace to help workers learn ...." Read more

NIOSH creates app for measuring workplace noise exposure

"NIOSH has developed a sound level meter mobile app designed to measure noise exposure in the workplace...." Read more

Listen Up! NIDCD Director Talks About Earbuds and Hearing Loss

"Because an important cause of hearing loss is loud noise, many parents are concerned that their children may be damaging their hearing by listening to music with earbuds..." Read More

Shhh! America's most common workplace injury is hearing loss

"Eight years ago, Jeff Ammon, now 55, began noticing a feeling of pressure in his ears every day after work...." Read more

Protecting The Hearing of Rural Wisconsinites

"When people in Wisconsin think of the dangers that farmworkers face, they might envision extreme heat, malfunctioning machinery, or even unruly livestock. But they might be unaware of another serious threat: Hearing loss..." Read more