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Watch: Ring those church bells... while you can still hear them

Watch: Ring those church bells...while you can still hear them

Three men went out of their way to disprove Ħal Safi's reputation as a sleepy village last Sunday, doing untold damage to their hearing in the process.

In a 20-minute video sent to Times of Malta, the men can be seen incessantly ringing bells at the village's parish church, with no hearing protection in sight.

"I shot this video from around 200 metres away from the church," the Safi resident said. "It was loud enough from where I was standing, but can you imagine what it was like for those two men? Their heads were practically in the bells," he said.

The ringing began at 12pm and ended 40 minutes later, he said, with a repeat performance that same day at 6pm. Given that Safi's village feast is held at the end of August, it is not clear just why the Church bells rang for so long on a Sunday afternoon. Read more