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CAOHC Newsletter: UPDATE

Ten Years at CAOHC on behalf of INCE

Robert D. Bruce, PE, INCE.Bd.Cert., FASA

In 2001, Beth Cooper of NASA called and asked if I would be interested in serving as one of INCE's two representatives on the Council for the Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation. When Beth explained that CAOHC was responsible for the training of the individuals in industry who measure the hearing of workers, I was immediately hooked. My first audiometric exam was in 1963 when I started to work at the Magnolia Refinery of Socony Mobil (now ExxonMobil) in Beaumont, Texas. I have served on the Council for 10 years, which is the maximum allowed. Since I have been representing INCE members, I thought I should share what we have accomplished during these past ten years. I might add that other INCE members have also participated; going forward, Kim Riegel née Lefkowitz and Charles Moritz will be serving in 2012.

Since 1998, the following INCE members have represented INCE on the council: Steve Roth, John Erdreich, Beth Cooper, Adin Mann, Kim Riegel, and Bob Bruce. Elliot Berger and Dennis Driscoll, also members of INCE, served on the Council as representatives of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

OSHA Regulation 1910.95(g)(3) states:

Audiometric tests shall be performed by a licensed or certified audiologist, otolaryngologist, or other physician, or by a technician who is certified by the Council of Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation, or who has satisfactorily demonstrated competence in administering audiometric examinations, obtaining valid audiograms, and properly using, maintaining and checking calibration and proper functioning of the audiometers being used. A technician who operates microprocessor audiometers does not need to be certified. A technician who performs audiometric tests must be responsible to an audiologist, otolaryngologist or physician.

Currently there are over 20,000 OHCs (occupational hearing conservationists) certified by CAOHC.

The INCE representatives on the Council often serve on the Publications Committee which is responsible for the development of the CAOHC Hearing Conservation Manual (
http://www.caohc.org/publications/manual.php) and for the publication of Update newsletter which features articles useful to an OHC. INCE members have contributed almost 30 abbreviated technical articles appropriately written for the OHC. Attachment 1 lists the articles authored or co-authored by members of INCE.

In addition to these publications, INCE representatives along with representatives from the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the American Society of Safety Engineers have participated in:

It has been an honor to represent INCE and to present noise control information to OHCs. I am confident that Ms. Reigel and Mr. Moritz will continue to present the noise control options to the OHC community.

Attachment 1. INCE Members Contributions to Update

Elliot Berger, Representing AIHA

Warren Blazier

Robert Bruce, Representing INCE

Beth Cooper, Representing INCE

Dennis Driscoll, Representing AIHA

John Erdreich, Representing INCE

Noel Hart.

David Lubman

Adin Mann, III, Representing INCE

Kim nee Lefkowitz Riegel, Representing INCE

Stephen Roth, Representing INCE

Tom Thunder