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Course Director

Adverse Action Policy

The Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) does not pass judgment on Course Directors' (CDs') moral and ethical issues because CAOHC:

CAOHC, with due process, denies certification or recertification to applicants who do not meet requirements. CAOHC terminates certification for noncompliance with requirements for occupational hearing conservationist (OHC) training.

Policy: CDs must continuously have current:

Policy: CAOHC may suspend a CD's certification for noncompliance with CAOHC requirements described in the CD information packet.

Policy: If a CD goes 3 years without an offense, his or her record is considered clear. Any subsequent offense is again treated as a first offense.

Policy: CD certification ends automatically when the 5-year term expires unless he or she applies for recertification or a 1-year extension approved by the Council or Executive Committee.

Policy: Temporary or permanent loss of qualifying licensure, registration, certification or membership automatically causes CAOHC to suspend the CD's certification for 1 year or until qualifying licensure, registration, membership or certification is reinstated, whichever is longer.


Amended and Restated Effective Nov. 1, 1993 (revised May 2006).