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Combined Occupational Hearing Conservationist Courses

An important aspect of planning an occupational hearing conservationist (OHC) course is organizing the materials and lectures to provide the best learning experience.

On this page, we suggest ways for Course Directors (CDs) to structure combined courses (see samples below). Combining courses refers to combining the student bodies of a certification course and a recertification course for one or more sessions.

The intent is to provide time-saving ideas rather than to dictate a policy. As a CD, you may arrange the course as you choose as long as you meet the requirements in the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation's (CAOHC's) Curriculum Outline.

Although many CDs choose to conduct a certification and a recertification course on separate days, others combine or overlap certification and recertification courses on the same days.

CAOHC’s sample outlines for combined courses comply with CAOHC's curricula specifications. These outlines are two examples of the many and varied outlines a CD might effectively design to meet CAOHC's curricula specifications.