Anatomy, Physiology & Diseases of the Ear Curriculum Order Form

This Curriculum will:

  • Provide Occupational Hearing Conservationists with solid background information about the anatomy and physiology of the human ear.
  • Instruct on the parts of the ear, how sound is processed, types of hearing loss and how they can be prevented.
  • Increase knowledge about the effects of noise - encouraging workers to be more receptive to hearing conservation programs.
  • Allows CAOHC Course Directors to substitute the otolaryngologist instructor in a 20-hour certification course. (If you are a CAOHC Course Director and using this video curriculum in a CAOHC approved OHC course, please consult the CD policies to meet course requirements.)

Purchase Includes:


The two-disc DVD package includes the following:

Disc One presents the VIDEO in two formats:

  • by module:
    • Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear –Introduction
    • Effects of Hearing Loss
    • Anatomy of the Ear
    • Introduction to Ear Inspection and Otoscopy
    • Hearing Loss – Conductive
    • Hearing Loss – Sensorineural
  • “Play All”:
    • A 35 minute showing of the video as a whole.

Disc Two is the Instructor Resource Kit which includes a number of downloadable pdf informational handouts:

  • Video User’s Manual
    • This pdf includes an outline of the entire video presentation by module
    • The manual also includes:
      • A glossary of terms used throughout the video
      • Test questions with an answer key
      • A diagram of the Ear Matching Exercise
      • Interactive proficiency exercises for each module

For the Spanish translation: Disc 1 is the modular and full video presentation in English with Spanish subtitles. Disc 2 is completely translated into Spanish.


The USB drive provides the program in three formats:

  1. HTML Interactive Presentation:

    The HTML option is an interactive version of the video by module. This allows the CDs to present each module as a stand-alone presentation. Each module is followed by a series of questions to assess student comprehension. If students answer the question correctly the video will advance to the next question. If students answer incorrectly, the video will repeat the section relating to that question.

    The HTML version also includes the Video User’s Manual and all of its contents. These documents cannot be downloaded from the HTML version.

  2. Full Video

    This option is a continuous 35 minute version of the video.

  3. Video by Module

    Similar to the HTML, this option allows the CD to present separate modules of the video. However, this option does not include the interactive questions.

The USB drive also includes: Instructor Supplementary Materials

The materials included in this section of the USB drive mimic those included in the Instructor’s Resources disc from the DVD version described above. The pdf’s found in this section are downloadable.

Use the order form below to order your copy(s). The order form can be printed or submitted online.

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