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Upcoming Courses for Occupational Hearing Conservationists (OHC)

Search for occupational hearing conservationist (OHC) courses by state, country, month, year or Course Director (CD) name. You can leave any field blank and can select non-US countries from the state list by scrolling to the bottom of the menu. For a map of all courses and locations, click here.

To register for an OHC course, contact the CD. CAOHC does not manage registration for individual courses.

The courses listed on this website are CAOHC-approved. On completion of the course, you are eligible for OHC certification. To complete the certification process, your CD submits your application and  fee to CAOHC. For more information on certification, click here.

Certification courses are 20 hours (usually over 2.5 days). Recertification courses are 8 hours (1 day).

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