CAOHC Course Director Workshop

October 9, 2020 - Virtual Workshop - Milwaukee, WI

Please note: This is a VIRTUAL WORKSHOP.
More details coming soon!

Milwaukee, WI

Workshop Description

The Course Director (CD) Workshop consists of eight hours of focused training intended to prepare candidates to teach their own students about all aspects of an Occupational Hearing Conservation (OHC) program. Special attention will be paid to adult learning teaching methods and how to conduct both the hearing protection and audiometric practicum sections of an OHC course.

CD certification and re-certification are granted for five years.

Course curriculum will include guidance in the following areas:

  • Developing course curricula that meet CAOHC’s current requirements for OHC certification and recertification courses
  • Understanding procedural actions of a CD required by CAOHC before, during and after CAOHC-approved OHC courses
  • Implementing contemporary and motivational teaching techniques and resources (including those provided by CAOHC) for effective hearing conservation training
  • Recognizing how recent changes in federal hearing conservation regulations influence the conduct of CAOHC-approved OHC courses
  • Preparing instructional materials that incorporate recent scientific and technical advances in hearing conservation for use in training conducted by CDs and OHCs

Target Audience

Candidates must be certified audiologists, industrial hygienists, occupational health nurses, speech language and hearing professionals, safety engineers,noise-control engineers, otolaryngologists or occupational medical physicians.

Course Instructors