Working as a CD

Organizing Your Course

  • Supporting Faculty - At present CAOHC does not have a list of available speakers throughout North America for each discipline that needs to be represented in an OHC course.  We recommend you contact the national association for each of CAOHC’s component organizations to provide speaker guidance for your course.

Note: Instruction provided by faculty other than the CD may be presented in person or via alternative media, (e.g. pre-recorded video, video teleconference, webinar or CAOHC pre-approved video curriculum).

Course Content and Delivery

  • Curriculum Guide - This guide contains teaching support materials for the domains and tasks found in the Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC) Standardized Exam Blueprint. The Curriculum Guide© was designed for Course Directors (CDs) to help supplement their OHC course instructions and help conduct a review for the Standardized Certification and Recertification exams.
  • Course Outline - Whether you are planning a 20 hour OHC combined certification and recertification course or just the 8-hour recertification course, these outline templates will help organize the course presentations and save time.
  • Practicum Guidelines - OHC courses contain two sections that require hands on training. The guidelines found here will help you plan these sections of your course.
  • Anatomy Video Curriculum - In an effort to minimize the number of outside faculty you'll need to recruit for your courses, CAOHC has approved the use of this video as a replacement for a physician presenter. 
  • Workplace Noise Measurement and Controls video - This video may be used to represent one of the disciplines.
  • 5th Edition Hearing Conservation Manual - The Hearing Conservation Manual was designed to be used by CDs as a teaching tool and by OHC’s as a reference tool.  The manual includes information for each section of the OHC course. It is recommended that each OHC candidate receives a copy of this manual.
  • Student Study Guide: This revised study guide is designed for the OHC student to assist in preparing for the standardized exam.

Standardized Exam