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Elizabeth Batchelor, AuD
Wright Patterson AFB
School of Aerospace Medicine
Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Dayton, OH 45440
Phone: (850) 207-5155
E-Mail: elizabeth.batchlelor@us.af.mil
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Beth Cooper, PE INCE BD Cert
Beth Cooper Acoustical Services LLC
2888 Fairfax Rd
Cleveland, OH 44118
Phone: (216) 570-7231
E-Mail: beth@bethcooperacoustics.com
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Elizabeth McKenna, AuD CCC-A F-AAA
2510 5th St Bldg 840
Area B
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433
Phone: (937) 938-3245
E-Mail: elizabeth_anne.mckenna.1.ctr@us.af.mil
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Chris Pavlakos, PhD
Chris Pavlakos, PhD & Associates
910 Senate Drive
P.O. Box 751203
Dayton, OH 45459
Phone: (937) 436-1161
E-Mail: heardoc@webaudi.com
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Timothy Rink, PhD
HTI, Inc.
4269 E the Valley Rd
Port Clinton, OH 43452
Phone: (614) 558-3521
E-Mail: trink@htiinc.com
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Carol Snyderwine, MHA MA CCC-A CPS/A
Euclid Hospital
12300 McCracken Road
Cleveland, OH 44125
Phone: (216) 491-6104
E-Mail: csnyderw@ccf.org
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Christa Themann, MA CCC-A
4676 Columbia Parkway/MS C-27
Cincinnati, OH 45226-1998
Phone: (513) 533-8485
E-Mail: clt6@cdc.gov
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Daniel Williams, AuD
US Air Force
School of Aerospace Medicine
Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433
Phone: (937) 938-3205
E-Mail: daniel.williams.88@us.af.mil
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Jessica Zerbe, Au.D
US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine
2510 Fifth Street
Patterson Air Force Base
Dayton, OH 45433
Phone: 937-938-4113
E-Mail: jessica.zerbe.2@us.af.mil
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