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Pamela DuPont, MS CCC-A CPS/A
Gordon Hearing
38 Gilbert Hill Rd
Chester, CT 06412
Phone: 978-697-2073
E-Mail: pamdupont@gordonhearing.com

Claudia Hix, DO MPH CPS/A
Occupational Health Works
P O Box 271
Oneco, CT 06373-0271
Phone: 860-508-4282
E-Mail: hixcg@occhealthworks.com

Saima Khalid, CPS/A
66 Pepperbox Rd
Waterford, CT 06385-3512
E-Mail: khalidsaima@gmail.com


Geraldine Ruffa, MD MS CPS/A
Lawrence+ Memorial Hospital/Occup Center
52 Hazelnut Hill Rd
Groton, CT 06340
Phone: (860) 446-8265 x7074
E-Mail: gruffa@lmhosp.org

Jennifer Tufts, PhD CCC-A CPS/A
University of Connecticut
Dept of Speech, Language, & Hearing Sci
850 Bolton Road Unit 1085
Storrs, CT 06269-1085
Phone: (860) 486-4082
E-Mail: jennifer.tufts@uconn.edu