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Professional Supervisor

How to Re-Certify as a PS

Recertification Requirements

The certification for the Professional Supervisor of the Audiometric Monitoring Program (CPS/A) is valid for five years. Those who certified in 2012 need to recertify before Dec. 31, 2017. Those who certified in 2013  need to recertify before Dec. 31, 2018.There are two options for recertification:

Option 1 - Exam Only

Renewal candidates can choose to take the recertification exam without attending the course workshop. Thirty business days are allotted for exam completion following the course workshop date. The renewal fee for using Option 1 is $200.00. Candidates have two attempts to score at least 80% or better on the Professional Supervisor (PS) online exam, which will be given through these dates:

May 3 - 17, 2019
May 17 - 30, 2019
July 29 - August 9, 2019
November 17 - 27, 2019

Click here to register for the exam only.

Option 2 - Workshop Attendance

Attend a workshop and score at least 80% or better on the PS exam given after each workshop. Submit the appropriate workshop registration. The published workshop registration fees of $450 apply, and include the certification application/exam fee.

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