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CAOHC’s History Timeline

1976 The Update newsletter is published and launched
1979 The first Hearing Conservation Manual for the use of Occupational Hearing Conservationists (OHC) and Course Directors (CD) is published. The Second Edition is published in 1985. The Third Edition is published in 1993, and the Fourth Edition is published in 2007 (both written by Alice Suter, PhD)
1981 The Amendment to the Noise Standard, which outlines a detailed hearing conservation program (HCP), is published
1983 The Noise Standard is republished, and CAOHC is mentioned as a training resource for producing certified technicians qualified to perform audiometry

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines a requirement for Professional Supervisors in the Hearing Conservation Amendment

1999 The Mine Safety and Health Administration recognizes CAOHC certification
2002 CAOHC becomes a member of the Coalition to Protect Workers' Hearing, providing expertise regarding OSHA 29 CFR 1904.10(b)(7) and advocating a separate column on the OSHA Form 300
2003 CAOHC develops a scope of practice statement for the PS of the audiometric monitoring portion of a HCP
2004 Certification of OHCs is mandated

The OHC certification and recertification curriculum is revised, and guidelines for a practicum on hearing protection are developed

The PS of the Audiometric Monitoring Program of an HCP course is improved

Professional Supervisor Course is launched at American Academy of Audiology, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and American Association of Occupational Health Nurses meetings

2005 CAOHC Council institutes audiometric and hearing protection fitting guidelines for CDs (OHC Curriculum)
2008 CAOHC completes the first facilitated strategic planning process since 1999
2010 CAOHC conducts a job task analysis of certified OHCs and moves toward a true certificate-based assessment for OHCs
2011 CAOHC and the National Hearing Conservation Association initiate an educational partnership of online educational resources
2012 CAOHC introduces its online Noise Measurement Course
2013 CAOHC celebrates its 40th anniversary on Aug. 4th