CD Requirements

The Course Director (CD) Responsibilities are:

  • Adhere to Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) course policies and procedures.
  • Obtain CAOHC approval for courses. Approval is conditional and will be voided if the CAOHC requirements are not met.
  • Be physically present during the entire course.
  • Submit course changes (eg. schedule, guest speakers) to the CAOHC administrative office when submitting the student roster.
  • Administer the OHCs Standardized certification and recertification exam according to the OHC Standardized Exam Policies and Procedures.
  • Allow CAOHC to verify information in the CD’s application by contacting employers, educational institutions or clients.
  • Allow CAOHC to contact students to evaluate the CD’s educational performance and compliance with CAOHC requirements.
  • Stay current on course administration policies and procedures.
  • Accept that CD certification can be revoked if CAOHC policies and procedures are not met.