The Hearing Conservation (HC) Manager training is a beginning-level, half-day, online course. It emphasizes real-world application and has been developed for anyone responsible for creating, maintaining and/or improving an occupational hearing conservation program as encountered in occupational settings. There is no prerequisite, licenses or membership required, just a desire to learn.

Participants purchase the course from our secure website and are automatically sent an email with login instructions to access to the course.

This course is intended for a variety of audiences including:
THOSE NEW TO OCCUPATIONAL HEARING CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT The course content is ideal those that have recently been given occupational hearing conservation program related responsibilities but have little or no in-depth knowledge of the expectations. Attendees may be comprised of professionals in Human Resources (HR), Safety, Industrial Hygiene (IH), Nursing, Engineering or other fields.
THOSE EXPERIENCED IN OCCUPATIONAL HEARING CONSERVATION Course content has also been developed to address requirements of those already knowledgeable in occupational hearing conservation but who want to refresh/update their skills as well as learn the current standard of care, continuous improvement techniques and best practice expectations in the field.

Choose your lessons: The Hearing Conservation Manager course can be purchase as a complete course (a half-day, four hour course) or can be purchased in individual subjects: Measure, Control, Protect, Check, Train, Record and Evaluate.

Scope of Practice:

The full course is intended to prepare attendees to effectively manage a hearing conservation program utilizing seven elements of an effective hearing conservation program and to navigate regulatory compliance. The course provides essential information and resources related to creating, maintaining and/or improving an occupational hearing conservation program.

This course will not prepare attendees to conduct audiograms. To learn how to conduct audiograms, please click here to find a certification course as an Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC).  

This course will not prepare attendees to oversee hearing testing results. Per OSHA guidance, reviewing problem audiograms and determining whether there is a need for further evaluation must be conducted by a Professional Supervisor (PS). Click here to learn more or to certify as a Professional Supervisor (PS) of the Audiometric Monitoring Program.


Materials are presented by Andrew Perkins, M.S., CIH, CSP, COHC
This course has been reviewed, refined and approved by a committee of subject matter experts in hearing conservation that work in a variety of disciplines. The course was specifically developed to address concerns in a range of professions and cover a broad spectrum of requirements.

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