CD Training and Certification

Prerequisites to Becoming Certified as a Course Director (CD)

1) Professional Requirements:

     CD applicants must document possession of one of these current credentials for the legal practice of their profession (a, b or c):

a. Proof of US Licensure:

  • Audiologist
  • Occupational Health Nurse  (RN/NP or equivalent)
  • Physician
  • Otolaryngologist
  • Occupational Medicine Physician

b. Proof of Certification:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
  • Board Certification in Noise Control Engineering (INCE Bd. Cert.)
  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

c. Proof for those outside the United States:

CD Applicants from outside the United States who do not meet the criteria listed above
must meet the requirements of their local jurisdiction for professional practice and are
subject to approval by CAOHC

2) Experience - Required for new applicants only

      New applicants must fulfill both of these requirements prior to attending the class (this is not needed when re-certifying):

a. Work Experience:

Complete the equivalent of at least one (1) year (=1000 hours) of work experience in occupational hearing conservation activities within the past five (5) years. Please have your supervisor provide a letter attesting to your 1000 hours of experience.

Qualifying hearing conservation activities must include three (3) or more of the following: Noise hazard identification and evaluation, Engineering noise control development or evaluation, Hearing protection device selection and fitting, Occupational audiometric testing, Hearing conservation education/training, Audiometric review and follow-up for hearing conservation programs, Hearing conservation program evaluations and management.

b. Teaching Experience:

Participation as adjunct Faculty and as Practicum Assistants under the direct supervision of a CAOHC-approved Course Director (CD) for at least one (1) complete OHC certification course. A letter of verification from the leading CD is required. It is suggested that you work with a Course Director that you already know, or find one through the CD Directory, click here.

The OHC course must be an in-person or hybrid course. The applicant must perform the following functions appropriately: Successfully communicate with and instruct adult learners, guide learners in groups and as individuals during audiometric testing practice, hearing protection device fitting practice and ear inspection.

To apply to the CD workshop:

  • Start by fill out a Prerequisite Profile by clicking here. Allow time for review and approval. Reviews are typically conducted once per week but may take longer at certain times.
  • After you have been approved, register for a course by clicking here.
  • Applicants must attend the course instruction and pass the course exam to become certified.

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