1.    Establish your Course

a. The CD must first fill out an OHC Virtual Course Approval Form and email it to administrativesupport@caohc.org to be approved. Once a CD is approved to teach fully virtual OHC courses, they only need to complete this form if they significantly alter how they conduct their audiometric testing practicum.

b. Submit a Course Approval Form to register your course with the CAOHC office.

c. This form must be filled out completely, including the date and time the exam is scheduled, otherwise it cannot be approved.

d. The course MUST be registered at least 15 days prior to the course start date.

e. Once the course is approved, the CD will be emailed a notification with the course approval certificate attached.

GUIDANCE TIPS:  Click here to see a video and learn from CDs who provide Tips and Insights from their own Virtual Courses.

2.    Course Setup

a. Provide a Roster of your attendees

  • At least 7 days prior to the start date of the course, the CD must submit a student roster to administrativesupport@caohc.org. Please include each student’s name, email address and the time/dates each student will be taking their exam.
  • The roster can later be updated to include walk-ins, no shows, etc. However, the CAOHC office must be notified of all updates several hours prior to exam time.
  • If you have multiple test dates/times, that must be clearly noted in the roster.
  • When students register for the course, they receive an email with instructions on how to create log in credentials to take the exam. It is strongly recommended that this be completed at the start of the course, well in advance of the exam to allow time for any issues to be resolved. Any issues can be emailed to administrativesupport@caohc.org.
  • Students should have a working email that is accessible during exam time. If they need to update their email and are unable to access their account, they should contact administrativesupport@caohc.org.

b. Accommodate students with special requirements

In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) CAOHC provides testing accommodations for students who require it. The student must notify the Course Director prior to the exam and have documentation to attest to their need for accommodations such as:

•    Recommendations of qualified professionals
•    Proof of past testing accommodations
•    Observations by educators
•    Results of psycho-educational or other professional evaluations
•    An applicant’s history of diagnosis
•    An applicant’s statement of his or her history regarding testing accommodations

Should a student approach you to request testing accommodation, please notify the CAOHC office as soon as possible. For more information, you can visit the US Department of Justice website for ADA requirements.

3.   Administer the Exam

For all exam details, see the Online OHC Exam Guide.

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