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FULL ONLINE COURSE:  $350.00. Training includes a certificate of completion after successfully passing the exam.

INDIVIDUAL MODULES: $75 each. Now available individually!

Purchases are made from our secure website by credit card. Participants will automatically be sent an email with instructions to login and can access the course right away.


All options must be completed within 60 days of first logging into the CAOHC Learning Center.

FULL ONLINE COURSE:  This is a half day course if done consecutively, taking about 4 hours, total. It includes 3 hours of recorded lectures (sectioned into 7 different modules), a quiz for each section and other activities.

INDIVIDUAL MODULES: Vary in length as noted below.

1 Measure: 49 min
2 Control: 11 min
3 Protect: 40 min
4 Check: 23 min
5 Train: 30 min
6 Record: 15 min
7 Evaluate: 11 min

Course Objectives:

FULL ONLINE COURSE: The course teaches current literature and practice guidelines. Teaching focus on essential content from CAOHC Hearing Conservation Manual and ensure that all elements of the OSHA hearing conservation standard 1910.95 are included and that Best Practice guidelines are provide. The intent is for attendees to be able to distinguish between these two practices and prevent confusion between compliance and best practice.

Content of the course consists of recorded lectures, quizzes, resource materials and a course exam. Lessons can be started and stopped as needed. Upon successfully passing the exam, a certificate of completion will be available to download and print.

    This course provides:

  • key resources for starting a new hearing conservation program or improving an established one
  • Instruction in the seven elements of an effective hearing conservation program: Measure, Control, Protect, Check, Train, Record, Evaluate.
  • guidance in regulatory compliance
  • management in best practices
  • education about minimum requirements for compliance versus best practices.
  • This course should guide attendees to other CAOHC resources that apply to their specific needs.

INDIVIDUAL MODULES: Participant may purchase and study just the modules that apply to their practice instead of the entire course. Individual modules include:

1. Measure: 49 min. This module focuses on how noise effects hearing, what noise exposure limits are, and when/how to measure noise. Discussion includes various equipment used to measure noise and noise measurement exchange rates.
2. Control: 11 min. This module focuses on the critical need to control noise for better hearing outcomes and various low cost and advanced ways to control direct exposure to noise. Discussion includes best practices for reducing noise exposures.
3. Protect: 40 min. This module focuses on how humans hear, the types of hearing losses that occur, understanding what level of protection various devices provide and the best ways to protect hearing.
4. Check: 23 min. This module focuses on various segments of audiometric testing, what to look for in an audiogram, the definition of an OSHA standard threshold shift and how to identify a recordable hearing loss. Discussion includes best practices in recording results.
5. Train: 30 min. This module focuses on the specific training someone should have before conducting audiometric testing, training requirements according to OSHA, training and motivating the word force, and best practices in training efforts.
6. Record: 15 min. This module focuses on executing and documenting hearing conservation efforts, reviewing accepted standards and guidelines, and protecting stake holders through proper recording keeping. Discussion includes specific parameters of what needs to be documented and what can be done to make program efforts quicker and easier.

7. Evaluate: 11 min. This module focuses on the critical step of evaluating hearing conservation efforts, we discuss best practices, give details on how to evaluate, discuss reasons to evaluate, discuss items to evaluate and we cover ideas on how to interpret evaluation outcomes.

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