Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Course Director?

The Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) course director (CD) is a credentialed or licensed hearing loss-prevention specialist. CDs are responsible for coordinating and conducting CAOHC-approved, assessment-based certificate training courses for Occupational Hearing Conservationists working as team members in hearing loss-prevention programs.

CDs are credentialed or licensed in audiology, industrial hygiene, occupational health nursing, otolaryngology, occupational medicine, noise-control engineering or safety, and have demonstrated expertise in hearing loss prevention.

To become a certified CD, you must satisfy CAOHC's professional criteria, including completion of an 8-hour CAOHC CD Workshop. Certified CDs maintain their professional credentials throughout a 5-year certification period. Refer to the ABOUT section for details on how to become certified as a CD.

Where do I find a course?

To find a course, go to:

•    All available OHC courses are listed in this search from the CAOHC website.
•    Virtual courses can be found by selecting “Virtual” under the “Course Format” section.
•    Enter your search preferences then click the SEARCH button.
•    Entering just a state, for example, and nothing else will bring up more options. Alternatively, very specific information can be added (such as city and dates) to narrow the search.
•    Course costs range by instructor. Once you find a course, contact the instructor to obtain cost information and to register. 

How do I get a copy of my OHC Certificate after I completed a course?

After your course director has submitted all your information to CAOHC, you will be able to print your certificate from the CAOHC website.
To get a copy of your certificate, please log in here by entering the same username and password you used to take the exam:
1)    Under OHC Resources, click on OHC Account and Certificate,
2)    then Click here to print your certificate.

If your certification is not yet available, contact your course director to see if/when all your information will be submitted.


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