Past Chairs

The Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation has always been led by dedicated Council members working towards preventing occupational noise-induced hearing loss. Since the beginning, the main objective was, and is, to educate, inform and guide industry and those serving industry on successful implementation of hearing conservation programs (HCPs) to prevent occupational hearing loss.

CAOHC continues to grow and expand due, in part, to the knowledge and expertise of serving Council Chairs. The table below lists former Council Chairs and their respective CPO.  


Year Chair CPO
2016 Laurie Wells AAA
2014 Bruce Kirchner ACOEM
2012 Madeline Kerr AAOHN
2010 Lee Hager AIHA
2008 Mary McDaniel ASHA
2006 Jim Banach AIHA
2005 Richard Danielson AAA
2004 Beth Cooper INCE
2002 Theresa Schulz MAA
2000 Peter Weber AAOHS
1998 Susan Cooper Megerson ASHA
1996 Jeffrey Morrill AIHA
1994 Barbara Panhorst AAOHN
1992 Rena Glaser ASHA

Note that leadership prior to 1992 is recorded with CAOHC's prior management company.