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Workplace Noise Video is Now Available

A Value for Many in Hearing Conservation

Brent Charlton

CAOHC Council member Brent Charlton served as Project Manager in producing CAOHC’s new video entitled WORKPLACE NOISE; Measurement and Controls.

The CAOHC council is pleased to announce the release of our newest training video entitled “Workplace Noise; Measurement and Controls”. This project was led by council member Brent Charlton and was produced with the help of a volunteer panel of experts.

“The goal of this project was to produce a video that can be purchased at a lower cost,” explained Brent. “The video was intended to provide Course Directors (CDs) with an easy-to-use option for presenting Measurement and Physics of Noise to their OHC classes. We also wanted a video that lent itself to inclusion in a future e-learning program. I think this video has accomplished both goals”.

Video is an extremely accessible format. It’s also cost effective and an engaging tool to use in training. It provides a consistent, predictable message whenever you need it. People are sold on it. So much so that when CAOHC first announced that it was getting ready to release a new Workplace Noise Measurement and Controls video that could be used for training purposes, orders immediately started coming in, sight unseen. It seems there was a brewing demand for this sort of tool.

“The CAOHC Council recognized that it is not always easy for our CDs to find subject matter experts that can teach the noise portion of the Occupational Hearing Conservation course,” Brent explained. “It’s also most often an added expense for the CD to bring in the extra instructor, so being able to present the information in a video format presents the CD with an option as the outside expert. “

“Course Directors and employers have been asking us [CAOHC] for a long time to develop a training program that could be used in this sort of capacity,” said CAOHC Executive Director, Kim Stanton. “This video was created for Course Directors, but it is also ideal for employers who need a starting point for a hearing conservation program, or for educators as part of an occupation health training program overview”.

To start the process of creating this video, a panel of experts was assembled incorporating a variety of disciplines within the CAOHC council. The CAOHC council represents 9 component professional organizations in hearing conservation, and they all have an interest in furthering the message of how and why to protect your hearing.

“The committee wrote a draft script, which was then reviewed by many of the council members and other outside experts,” said Brent. 

Brent Charlton who represents the American Society for Safety Professionals took the lead on the project with the help of many other CAOHC Council members. Contributors included Kimberly Reigle and Charlie Moritz (both representing Institute of Noise Control Engineering), Chandran Achutan (American Industrial Hygiene Association), Andy Merkley (Military Audiology Association), Laurie Wells (American Acadamy of Audiology) and many others. “The original script writing group also included Karen Wetzel and Don Garvey and a number of others”, said Brent.

“Laurie Wells was great with the editing pen” recalls Brent. “Andy Merkley helped a lot in editing and making sure our visuals were correct. There were many hours of calls and reviews to massage the script into a video-ready product.”

After we had what we thought was a pretty good script, a request for quotes was sent to video production companies, and the job was awarded to one in Milwaukee, WI. The production company organized our script into a format that was ready to use for filming. The script was then reviewed for content and accuracy by several Council members. While that was happening, the committee was selecting the ‘talent’ to appear in our video, all of whom were suggested by our production company. On September 24, 2018, we began filming in the studio and on location.” A great deal of editing and rework went on to assure that all the facts and images were accurate and were approved by the entire CAOHC Council.

“I see this video being a help to two groups of people,” said Brent. “First, our hard -working CDs, as they’ll have a low cost, easy to use “outside expert” to teach noise measurement and physics of sound. Second, I think the video will be a source for safety professionals like myself to educate their workforce, managers, and new safety professionals”.

“I have never participated in a project like this,” said Brent. “I think if I had to pick what was most interesting, it would be the filming on the set.  Seeing the video narrator in front of a green screen for a day and then seeing what it looks like in the finished video is just amazing.”

“I think it’s great that CAOHC continues to look for ways to add value for our CDs and others in hearing conservation,” said Brent. “Commitment to continual improvement is good, no matter what your focus, and products like this video show CAOHC’s commitment. A big ‘Thank You’ to all who made this video possible. The future of hearing conservation has been improved by your efforts”.

The following people are credited with have a significant role in making this video happen.

Project Chairs
Charles Moritz, MS INCE Bd Cert.
Treasurer & Noise Committee Co-chair (CAOHC)
Kimberly Riegel, PhD
Noise Committee Co-chair (CAOHC)

Production Chair
Brent Charlton, CSP, COHC
Noise Committee member (CAOHC)

Project Coordinator
Kim Stanton, CAE
Executive Director (CAOHC)

Script Writers
Chandran Achutan, PhD, CIH
Brent Charlton, CSP, COHC
Donald Garvey, CIH, CSP
Charles Moritz, MS, INCE Bd Cert.
Kimberly Riegel, PhD
Karin Edmonds-Wetzel, MSPH CIH SGE FAIHA

Script Reviewers
Michele Alexander, AuD CCC-A CPS/A
Catherine Conely, AuD CCC-A
Charles Jokel, MS MAT
Fernando Rengifo-Caicedo, AuD PhD MPH FAAA
Theresa Schulz, PhD, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
Thomas Thunder, AuD FAAA INCE Bd. Cert.
Richard Alan White, MA CCC-A

The new video is titled WORKPLACE NOISE; Measurement and Controls and can be ordered at this link.


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