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Course Director

How to Become Certified as a CD:


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Professional Requirements

Applicants must document current certification from 1 of these organizations:

Credential/License Requirements

Applicants must document a current license, registration or membership with 1 of these jurisdictions or organizations:

Required Experience

Applicants must fulfill 1 of these requirements:

All OHC activities must be performed according to applicable state/federal regulations and any professional licensures/certifications.

Application Fees

Application fees, payable to CAOHC:

Workshop Registration Fee

Workshop Registration fee, payable to CAOHC:

Your application is considered complete when all of these applicable documents and fees are submitted:

  1. Certification Application Form
  2. Certification Application Fee
  3. Supervisor Verification of Experience for New Certification
  4. Emailed, Mailed or Faxed Copy of your Current Credentials or License
  5. Course Director Workshop Registration Form
  6. Course Director Workshop Registration Fee