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Occupational Hearing Conservation Course Checklist


  1. Recruit faculty or instructors according to Council for Accreditation of Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) requirements. Faculty must be certified by 1 of the professional organizations to represent 1 of the 3 disciplines. Once the 3 disciplines are represented, the other instructors don't have to represent a discipline but must be an expert in a given area (eg, sales manager of a hearing protection device [HPD] company teaching hearing protection).

  2. You may substitute CAOHC's Anatomy and Physiology video for 1 of the disciplines if you indicate that on the course submission. A professional in one of these disciplines does not need professional certification but should be credentialed


  1. Arrange for the number of practicum assistants specified in the CAOHC guidelines for certification and recertification courses:


Course Approval Form

For CAOHC to issue a certificate, submit a course approval form using these guidelines:

  1. Within 30 days of course completion, sign, date and mail or fax the completed form (79-1105-004) as a Word or PDF document with the fee to the CAOHC Administrative Office or access the online OHC Course Approval application.
  2. Notify the CAOHC Administrative Office of any changes in content, schedule or speakers when submitting your student roster

Course Application Fees

Application fees will not be refunded if the course is cancelled; nor are they transferable to another CD or into the next calendar year. If a course CD changes, the new CD should submit a completed approval form and fee before the course and ask that the original approval be voided. Submit instructor changes and phone number with the student roster.

Facility Planning and Supplies

  1. Arrange for the required number of practicum audiometers specified in the CAOHC guidelines for the certification and recertification course
  2. Arrange conference space, food/beverages (if provided) and audio-visual needs
  3. Order the CAOHC Hearing Conservation Manual, 5th Ed., by Editors Thomas Hutchison, MA, MHA and Theresa Schulz, PhD for each student (optional). Volume discounts are available.
  4. Order Anatomy, Physiology and Diseases of the Ear video curriculum (optional)
  5. Order PowerPoint slide sets of curriculum units (optional)

Course Registration

  1. Determine course fees and registration, course cancellation and refund policies
  2. Create a registration form
  3. Verify that recertification course applicants hold current CAOHC certification. If more than 5 years has elapsed, the applicant should complete an extension request form. If it is denied, the applicant must register for the full course.

Certification Exam

  1. OHC Standardized Exam Procedures

Course Follow Up

  1. Collect all OHC student applications for certification or recertification and verify that it is complete on both sides and legible to avoid recording and mailing errors.
  2. Separate the certification applications from the recertification applications.
  3. Complete the Student Roster Form for all students who have completed course requirements. Find the form in the CD section of the CAOHC website. The student roster form can be submitted online; however, all student applications must be submitted via postal mail.
  4. Submit all student applications within 60 days of the completion of the course with the appropriate fees to CAOHC. Applications won't be accepted after 60 days (DoD CDs are exempt from this requirement). Fees per student are $60 for both new certification and recertification.

Promoting Your Course

  1. Order mailing labels from the CAOHC website for occupational hearing conservationists (OHCs) who need to recertify (optional)
  2. Order 250 free CAOHC marketing brochures to promote your course