OHC Exam Guide for CDs - Online Exam

This step-by-step guide walks CDs through the Online OHC exam procedure.

The CD should follow these steps:

1. Review the CAOHC account set-up and exam registration instructions. A PowerPoint is available for download that contains step-by-step instructions about creating a CAOHC account and registering for the exam.

2. Send out the exam registration link provided by CAOHC to the students. It is strongly recommended that the CD distribute the registration link to the students on the first day of the course and walk them through the process. Students will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration.

3. Verify that all students are registered. Use the OHC Course Management tool to verify that all students in the course are listed. If there are students listed on the OHC Course Management tool who are not enrolled in the course, please notify CAOHC staff at administrativesupport@caohc.org. If there are students missing from the OHC Course Management Tool, please have them register for the course again.

4. Verify Technology needs. Make sure sufficient Wi-Fi is provide for the exam process and that students have appropriate devices, such as laptops, tablets or smart phones.

5. Allow enough time to proctor the exam. The exam must be proctored within the classroom by the CD, make sure to allow enough time to do so.

6. Complete the attestation. Use the OHC Course Management tool to attest that your students have successfully completed all sections of the course. CDs can attest to students on the final day of the course.

7. Force Majeure: Should a situation arise that is outside of the CD or OHC candidates' control that prevents the exam from taking place at the scheduled time, CAOHC will reschedule the exam for a later date.

8. Submit Exam Payments. The CD can now submit exam payments by credit card by clicking here. Detailed invoices are sent out a week after course completion.

OHC Students should follow these steps:

Click here for the OHC checklist page

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