OHC Exam Guide - Online Exam

OHC Students should follow these steps:

1. Create Log-in Credentials to access the exam; click here to learn how.

2. On exam day, log into your account to access the exam on the CAOHC Learning Center.

  • Students will receive an email on the morning of the scheduled exam with a link to the CAOHC Learning Center, where they can access their exam. They should use the same login credentials that they used to create their CAOHC account. The login to this Learning Center can also be found on the home page of the CAOHC website.
  • The exam name includes the Course Directors last name, the city where the exam took place and the date of the exam (i.e. Smith-Eugene OR – 06302020).

It is recommended that students use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, as Microsoft web browsers are not compatible with the current software.

3. Review the OHC Exam PowerPoint Presentation in the classroom.
We advise students to review the entire presentation which includes:

  • Becoming familiar with the exam platform
  • Exam instructions, best practice and regulations; click here to see it.

4. Take the Exam and note your time limit.
The exam is timed. Once students begin the exam, they will not be able to pause or stop it at any time. For initial certifications, the exam is 75 minutes and consists of 50 questions. For recertifications, the exam is 45 minutes and consists of 30 questions.

5. Take the Course Survey
It is directly after the exam in the CAOHC Learning Center and should only take 3-5 minutes.

6. Get Exam Results.
Students will receive their exam scores immediately upon submission of their exam. Their official results will be updated by the CAOHC office within 48 business hours of exam completion. When they pass, they will also receive instructions by email on how to download and print a copy of their certificate.


Exam Retests

In the event that a student needs to retake an exam, they need to contact their Course Director to retake the exam within 30 days. Students may retake the exam two times (three total attempts). The second retake must occur within 30 days of the first exam retake. 

Course Directors may charge a fee for a retake exam. If the student fails the exam three times, they will need to retake the OHC Course.


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