Anatomy Video Curriculum Testimonials


"I really valued the otoscope portion being separate (students aware that it was a separate focus) and then I did the otoscope practicum, following that segment)."


"I appreciate how the materials are easy to access from the CD, print, etc. and the instructor teaching materials were well designed."


"Segments were very appropriate in length, with a good flow and hierarchy of topics, from one to another."


"I saw that test, prior to viewing the video, and thought, “Oh wow, this is really difficult and tricky.”  However, when I gave the students the exam to answer individually after each section, it proved to be very “doable” and a huge benefit for them.  We reviewed the test together, at the end of the whole video/practicum process, and it was a great opportunity for them to ask questions and solidify their knowledge."


"Overall, it was a very positive experience for both me and the students!"